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A measure of liquid aether, a strange black liquid. Feels dry. It appears to react with lava.

There are no recipes to make this item. Primarily found on Aether Sea planets. It can also be found underground on Aether planets.

Can be used as fertilizer in growing trays or hydroponics trays for +1 growth rate, +1 yield, -0.5 less fluid needed, and 1 less seed.

Organic Soup can be mixed in very carefully to multiply this fluid as it will not mix easily, but it will mix into Aether if fed small amounts of soup as well as Bio-Ooze.


When used as input for extraction, this item has the following yields.

Extraction Input Output
Gas Centrifuge Aether Carbon [Common]

Hydrogen [Common]

Liquid Protocite [Rare]

Alien Compound [Rarest]

Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Aether Bowl Aether Dark Glass
Aether Bricks Aether Donut
Aether Console Aether Glass
Aether Dark Glass Aether Immunity
Aether Desk Lamp Aether Stone
Aether Desktop PC Liquid Aether Lava Lamp
Aether Donut Shadow Shield
Aether Dust Teleporter Sloped Aether Glass
Aether Floor Lamp Sloped Cosmic Glass
Aether Glass
Aether Immunity
Aether Jar
Aether Lava Lamp
Aether Pillar
Aether Stone
Aether Teleporter
Aether Urn
Aether Wall Console
Aether Wall Light
Aether Wall-Mounted PC
Aether Walls
Cosmic Aether Bar Chair
Cosmic Aether Bed
Cosmic Aether Bookcase
Cosmic Aether Cabinet
Cosmic Aether Chair
Cosmic Aether Chest
Cosmic Aether Desk
Cosmic Aether Door
Cosmic Aether Dresser
Cosmic Aether End Table
Cosmic Aether Fridge
Cosmic Aether Grandfather Clock
Cosmic Aether Panel
Cosmic Aether Table
Cosmic Axe
Cosmic Broadsword
Cosmic Crossbow
Cosmic Greataxe
Cosmic Hammer
Cosmic Knife
Cosmic Longsword
Cosmic Magnorb
Cosmic Scythe
Cosmic Shortsword
Cosmic Spear
Cosmic Striker
Cosmic Vending Machine
Ghost Shield
Liquid Aether Lava Lamp
Shadow Shield
Sloped Aether Glass
Sloped Cosmic Glass
Small Xithricite Chest
Xithricite Assault Rifle
Xithricite Bed
Xithricite Bookcase
Xithricite Bow
Xithricite Cabinet
Xithricite Ceiling Lamp
Xithricite Cestus
Xithricite Chair
Xithricite Chest
Xithricite Couch
Xithricite Desk
Xithricite Desk Lamp
Xithricite DMR
Xithricite Drawers
Xithricite End Table
Xithricite Fridge
Xithricite Katana
Xithricite Mace
Xithricite Mini Fridge
Xithricite Nightstand
Xithricite Pistol
Xithricite Quarterstaff
Xithricite Rapier
Xithricite Rocketlauncher
Xithricite Shield
Xithricite Shortspear
Xithricite Shotgun
Xithricite SMG
Xithricite Staff
Xithricite Stool
Xithricite Table
Xithricite Wall Lamp
Xithricite Wand

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