Aether Furniture are a Aether themed set of furniture.



Crafting Station



Aether Bowl
Aether bowl empty.png
Industrial Workbench Decorative 20
Aether bowl full.png
Aether Console
Aether console.png
Wire 85
Aether Desk Lamp
Aether desk light.png
Light Source 85
Aether Desktop PC
Aether desk pc.png
Wire 50
Aether Floor Lamp
Aether floor light.png
Light Source 90
Aether Jar
Aether jar.png
Decorative 50
Aether Urn
Aether urn1.png
Decorative 30
Aether urn2.png
Aether urn3.png
Aether Wall Console
Aether wall console.png
Wire 50
Aether Wall Light
Aether wall light.png
Light Source 45
Aether Wall-Mounted PC
Aether wall pc.png
Wire 50
Aether Lava Lamp
Aether lava.png
The Lamporium Light Source 60
Liquid Aether Lava Lamp
Liq aether lava.png
Light Source 200
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