An unusual alien substance.

Can be found via extraction (see list further below).

Can be found via centrifugation (see list further below).

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Chemistry Lab Elder Stone


Hydrogen (H)


Oxygen (O2)


Prisilite Star


Alien Compound


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Ferozium Cleaver Potent Mutagene Garp Berry Essentia Obscura
Elder Stone Tauntra Orbs Alien Compound Aether
Prisilite Star Spacefarer mk2 Chest Phase Sprint Liquified Crystal
Spacefarer mk2 Helm
Spacefarer mk2 Greaves
Wretchel Chestguard
Wretchel Helm
Wretchel Pants
Regeneration III
Lasombrium Seed
Potent Mutagene
Bounce Wrap
The Sauce
Jump Block
Floralyt Seed

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