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This document is for FrackinUniverse version 5.5.61

A wood, coal, or energy wood-burning power source. Max of 4w power.


Craft at the Power Station


The Alternator Generator requires time to heat up to full power when first fueled, but also takes time to cool down to no power when it runs out of fuel. Specifically for each second that the generator is fueled, the heat (a variable that is always between 0% and 100%) increases by 5% and for each second that the generator is without fuel, the heat decreases by 5%. The output of the Alternator Generator is related to the threshold it has to hit as follows:

Heat Threshold (%) Time to Hit Threshold (Sec) Power Output (W)
10 2 0
30 6 1
50 10 2
70 14 3
90 18 4

The Alternator Generator takes the following items as fuel (the given times are how long the generator is fueled by a single item):

Fuel Source Fuel Usage Time (Sec)
Wooden Log 7
Coal Ore 7
Energy Wood 14
Golden Wood 10
Purrpetual Energy 140