Ancient Essence is a Vanilla currency used by Frackin Universe. For precise Vanilla uses see this page .

Uses in Frackin' Universe[edit | edit source]

  • Aether converts to about 2.4% Ancient Essence in a Gas Centrifuge. (A test of 9000 Aether yielded 218 Essence.)
  • An Erchius Converter will convert 50 Precursor Quantum Fluid into 1 Ancient Essence, a Crunchy chick into 5, Deluxe Crunchy chick to 50 Essence and an Evil Crunchy Chick will be converted into 100 Ancient Essence.
  • It can also be used to upgrade weapons and armour at either the Cosmic Crucible, or at the Weapon Upgrade Anvil. 
Learn From Ingredient For Extracted From Centrifuged From
Various Terraformers & Microformers

Celaeno Fragment

Shadow Gas
Elder Bust Liquified Crystal
Tattered Grimoire Aether
Elder Core
Rune Wand
Elder Fragment
Unknown Reactor
Elder Tome
Blade Shard
Effigium Ore
Valtan Casing
Unknown Technology
Akashic Stone
Ancient Glyph
Engraved Device
Elder Sign
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