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The Apiary is a crafting station that the player can use for breeding bees and farming honey. It is a part of the Bees! mod, which is a sub-component of the Frackin' Universe mod. For more information, see the Bees: Basics guide.

Apiaries are made at the Apiary Crafting Station for 15 Timber.

In order to successfully produce bees and/or honey, the Apiary in question must fulfill certain requirements:

  1. Two bees of the same species, a queen and a drone, must be placed in their allotted slots (e.g. a Flower Queen and a Flower Drone, or an Arid Queen and an Arid Drone, etc.).
  2. The Apiary must be placed within 80 blocks of flowers (Not flowery grass or flower blocks, but actual flowers).
  3. It (usually) must be daytime (as most of the bee species are not active at night).

In order to speed up production, various things can be done:

  1. Frames can be placed in the Apiary in question.
  2. Greater numbers of flowers can be planted nearby.
  3. A different type of Apiary can be used (e.g. the Giant Apiary).

If everything has been done correctly, there will be bees flying around the Apiary.