The Armorworks is the tier 1 version of the armor crafting table found in Frackin' Universe.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Workbench Input Output
Machining Table Timber 8 Armorworks 1
Iron Bar 8
Copper Bar 4
Water 25

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Upgrades to Assembly Line[edit | edit source]

Recipe List[edit | edit source]

Armours Shields Bows 1-handed 2-handed Boomerangs Pistols Rifles Rocket Launchers Staffs
Blister Armour Blister Shield Bone Bow Bone Axe Bone Cudgel Bone Claw Kirhosi Blaster Kirhosi Rifle Blast Buddy Bone Wand
Bone Armor Bony Shield Iron Crossbow Bone Claw Bone Scythe Bone Spur Laser Pistol Laser Rifle Bushmaster|
Diving Mask Pioneer Shield Wooden Crossbow Bone Longsword Bone Spear Burster Protectorate Pistol Telebrium Carbine
Hacker Armor Bone Mace Carbon Hammerpick Farclaw Telebrium Pistol Veluuish Rifle
Hazard Armor Bone Sword
Leather Armor Carbon Hatchet
Mad Science Armor Core Shortspear
Nomad Armor Cruel Axe
Plebeian Armor Curved Bone Blade
Skullcap Iron Fists
Telebrium Armor Lunari Hatchet
Thelusian Helm Lunari Katana
Underworld Armor Lunari Knife
Lunari Mace
Lunari Rapier
Lunari Shortspear
Nightarian Knife
Nightarian Shortsword
Red Wax Sword
Sniper Knife
Telebrium Cestus Telebrium Hatchet [[Telebrium Katana Telebrium Knife Telebrium Mace Telebrium Rapier Telebrium Shortspear Telebrium Sword Vel'uuish Shortsword [[Veluuish Claw Veluuish Dagger Wax Sword
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