"Atropus, known as the World Born Dead, is an undead planetoid whose coming is a harbinger of death and destruction.[...]"

Excerpt from an obscure tome of forbidden knowledge, "The Grimoire of Forgotten Realms".

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Atropus worlds are living and dead, all at the same time. Experts disagree on their nature, some saying they are experiments while others insist that they are literal breathing planets. Flesh is the number one export of these worlds, followed by lovely and decorative bone. While they do have rough weather from time to time, your biggest worry here is usually being really grossed out.

Codex description Edit

This horrific atropus world appears to be composed of flesh, sinew, and gore. Quietus Ore detected. Warning: Causes Madness and fatal illusions.

Atropus worlds are abhorrent, hellish spheres composed of matter both living and dead. Blood Diamond detected. Warning: Causes Insanity and fatal hallucinations.

Lovingly called 'worlds born dead', atropus planets are not for the faint of heart or the weak-stomached. Warning: Psionically disruptive atmosphere.

Notable FeaturesEdit

Upon arrival, the first thing the explorer will notice is that the surface of Atropus planets are literally Flesh and Bone. Besides flesh, bone and large pools of bodily fluids (namely pus, blood, or alien juice), travelers can find the usual assortment of valuable ores and minerals, the veins growing richer the further down one mines (though mining in Atropus worlds is more of a flesh-cutting affair than a rock-crushing one).

As to the origin of these strange, maddening worlds, the experts haven't arrived at a consensus. Some believe that Atropus is simply the natural culmination of life's evolution: given enough time, the biosphere of a planet will eventually evolve from a multitude of interdependent living beings to a single, planet-wide living organism. Others think that they are the results of advanced genetic engineering from some long-lost alien race, a lonely mad genius, or a long-lost alien race of mad geniuses. Yet others uphold more esoteric theories involving arcane-sounding things such as "Great Old Ones", "Primordial Evil", "Forgotten Lore", and "Embodiment of Madness"; a few of them even combine all of these weird concepts together!

The core of the planet is pus, instead of magma.


You can find these subbiomes on Atropus worlds: Hive, Alien Forest, Sulphuric Magma, Cellular Expanse, Red Waste, Fine Sand, Swamp, Blood Gulch, Hell Hive, Eldritch Field, Eldritch Forest, Dry Riverbed, Deadwood, Jungle, Magma, Savannah, Volcanic

Location Edit

Atropus Worlds are located orbiting Black Stars and Dying Stars.

Possible Weather Edit

Bio Rain, Blood Rain, Light Gravity Rain, Gravity Rain, Poison Gas, Dense Poison Gas, Deadly Poison Gas.

Planets that list poison gas as a weather type require poison resistance in order to survive on them. Using a Tinkering Table (which is crafted at a Machining Table), you can craft a Poison Shield augment. EPP Augments can be attached to EPPs by opening your inventory, clicking an augment, and right clicking the EPP you wish to attach it to.

An alternate method of obtaining poison gas immunity is to craft an Armorworks at a Machining Table. You can then craft a Blister Shield to receive poison gas immunity while the shield is highlighted on your hotbar, or craft a set of Blister Armor to receive poison gas immunity at all times while the full set is equipped. Note that if you wield a Blister Shield for poison gas immunity, opening your inventory and moving items around will briefly remove your immunity. This is most likely a glitch.

Wildlife Edit

Unique Monsters Critters Bugs
Rotting Anglure
Big Worm
Putrid Worm
Apex Scab
Avian Scab
Bloodbound Pteropod
Eye Friend
Vile Snaunt
Eye Pod
Floran Scab
Meat Bunny
Glitch Scab
Blood Bag
Human Scab
Hylotl Scab

Trivia Edit

  • Atropus worlds appear to be based on the Forgotten Realms planetoid of the same name.