The Auto-Assembler is the tier 2 version of the primary Crafting Station of Frackin' Universe. Because the Auto-Assembler is used to craft other FU crafting stations and basic components, you will not be able to progress through the mod without one.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Upgrades from Machining Table[edit | edit source]

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Upgrades to Matter Assembler[edit | edit source]

Recipe List[edit | edit source]

Recipe List
Resources Labs & Extractors Teleporters & Storage Vehicles Robots Terraformers
Advanced Circuit Extraction Lab Food Locker Reaver Controller Mutari Healing Station N/A
Advanced Processor (x2) Psionic Amplifier Gene Storage Chest Triton Sub Controller Capture Bot
Manipulator Module Xeno Research Lab Deathbeam Guard
Robot Arms Augment Extractor Laser Guard
Robot Chest Cloning Lab Ore Drone II
Robot Head Fuel Refinery Robot Guard
Robot Legs Mech Part Crafting Table Servitor mkI
Stick of RAM (x2) Oil Distiller Shield Bot (x2)
Tech Card Insta-Freud
Upgrade Module Mech Assembly Station
Mech Repair Pod
Mission Checkpoint
Personal Computer
Tech Console
From both Auto-Assembler & Machining Table
Resources Labs & Extractors Teleporters & Storage Vehicles Robots Terraformers
Electromagnet Elder Altar Music Player N/A Bot Healing Station N/A
D-Hydrogen Phase Core Hand Mill Music Player (Wall) Bot Loader
Bolt (x8) Racialiser Light Bot (x2)
Copper Wire (x9) Small FTL Drive Ore Drone I
Iron Hinge (x5) Sprouting Table Triplod Guard
Laser Diode (x5) Upgrade Table
Lightbulb Wooden Centrifuge
Research Holodisc Alchemy Table
Research Megadisc Apiary Crafting Station
Research Microdisc Armorworks
Screws (x20) Electronics Center
Silicon Board Greenhouse
Psionics Table
Ship Component Assembler
Tinkering Table
Antediluvian Texts
Capture Pod Re-Imager
Coffee Machine
Esoteric Research
Psionic Focus Loader
Tome Dais
Tool Upgrade Table
Warp Manifold
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