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The Baby Corvulraptor is the growing offspring of the Corvulraptor. This creature takes approximately a few hours to reach maturity, which can equate to many days depending on the planet it is raised on. Quick and deadly, this creature combines leaping bites, razor sharp swiping claws and poisonous exhalations to bring down foes. Living in areas of high decay, and corruption, Corvulraptors have developed very toxic saliva through their lives as necrophages, feasting on rotted corpses. Over time, even the Baby Corvulraptors have gained the ability to use a breath attack of noxious purple poison to assist in the killing and decomposition of prey. This creature is pox ridden and it's skin is covered with infections and desiese. Powerful anti-bodies keep only the strongest of the young alive, and even so, it's not pretty. Upon spotting prey, the Corvulraptor let's out a deep call, signaling the hunt.

This creature is capable of a fast sprint, able to close distance to unsuspecting prey with ease. The Baby Corvulraptor is capable of leaping at targets to catch prey in the air. It is advised to fight on the ground as the leap occurs less often to grounded targets, and can deal significant damage compared to it's grounded bites. Additionally, the Baby Corvulraptor can poison creatures by exhaling 3 small clouds of toxic mist. With short range, and low potency, this attack isn't anything more than surprising when compared to the creatures deadly quick bites and leaps.

All raptors are found on any form of Primeval Forest planets.

Luna's Lab Notes[]

~ The process of capturing and storing a monsters potential within capture pods is currently still a developing field. As it is now, the baseline for most creatures captured and stored within capture pods is around 50% efficiency when compared to their wildlife counterparts. Having less vitality and strength than when they roamed free. However, with the Baby Corvulraptor, their strength and vitality is reduced to a mere 20% of their wildlife counterparts upon capture.

~ Fiercely territorial, Corvulraptors abandon their offspring at a young age and let them fend for themselves. If a Corvulraptor encounters a Baby Corvulraptor, even it's own offspring, the adult will hunt and typically kill the Baby Corvulraptor. Below is a list of noted interactions among species raptor species.

Subject 1 Subject 2 Interaction
Baby Corvulraptor < Baby Corvulraptor Friendly
Baby Corvulraptor < Erichiraptor Hostile
Baby Corvulraptor < Corvulraptor Hostile
Baby Corvulraptor < Jallaraptor Friendly
Baby Corvulraptor < Baby Erichiraptor Friendly
Baby Corvulraptor < Reliraptor Hostile
Baby Corvulraptor < Dilophiraptor Hostile
Baby Corvulraptor < Gariraptor Hostile
Baby Corvulraptor < Baby Reliraptor Friendly
Baby Corvulraptor < Baby Dilophiraptor Friendly
Baby Corvulraptor < Baby Gariraptor Friendly
Baby Corvulraptor < Gorgoraptor Hostile

~ The time to raise a Baby raptor of any breed can be significantly reduced through rigorous feeding. Lay some uncooked meat at their feet and let them consume the food and grow strong.

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