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The Baby Gariraptor is one of the many raptor types that inhabit Primeval Forests. While young, the Gariraptor is a pack hunter, preferring to travel in groups of younglings to bring down prey. With pale brown hide and powerful snapping jaw, this raptor has evolved in regions of arid deserts. While not the quickest, the Gariraptor makes up for this with sheer determination, and patience. With hooked teeth, once a Gariraptor bites a target, it digs it's teeth in and locks it's jaw. Once grappled onto a target, the Gariraptor doesn't release until it's target has collapsed from exhaustion or bloodloss. This may sometimes take days, as such, the Gariraptor has adapted to going long periods of time without food. Upon spotting prey, the Erichiraptor let's out a piercing warbley cry, signaling the hunt.

This creature is capable of a moderate close range dash, able to close distance to most prey. Erichiraptors are persistent hunters, choosing to pursue prey no matter the size, and not giving up easily.

All raptors are found on any form of Primeval Forest planets, and in the atmosphere of erchiusasteroid.

Luna's Lab Notes[]

~ Fiercely territorial, Gariraptors abandon their offspring at a young age and let them fend for themselves. If a Gariraptor encounters a Baby raptor, even it's own offspring, the adult will attempt to hunt, kill, and eat the Baby. Below is a list of noted interactions among species raptor species.

Subject 1 Subject 2 Interaction
Baby Gariraptor < Gorgoraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Erichiraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Corvulraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Jallaraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Erichiraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Corvulraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Reliraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Dilophiraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Gariraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Reliraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Dilophiraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Gariraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor Luna's Lab.png