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The Baby Reliraptor is one of the many raptor types that inhabit Primeval Forests. Hunting coast lands and areas where dense fog rises. This creature blends into misty environments with ease due to it's soft footsteps, and naturally blue hued hide. Built for the hunt, even the babies are quite deadly to encounter. Hooked claws, notable damage, and less prone to letting out a cry upon spotting prey, instead pursuing it's prey swiftly and silently.

Able to perform distant bite attacks, and leaping strikes in which it appears the baby Reliraptor latches onto it's prey and delivers a nipping bite to the grappled target (However if the target moves upon being attacked, the Reliraptor remains floating in the air and looks sorta silly).

All raptors are found on any form of Primeval Forest planets.

Luna's Lab Notes[]

~ Fiercely territorial, Reliraptors abandon their offspring at a young age and let them fend for themselves. If a Reliraptor encounters a Baby raptor, even it's own offspring, the adult will attempt to hunt, kill, and eat the Baby. Below is a list of noted interactions among species raptor species.

Subject 1 Subject 2 Interaction
Baby Gariraptor < Gorgoraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Erichiraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Corvulraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Jallaraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Erichiraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Corvulraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Reliraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Dilophiraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Gariraptor Hostile
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Reliraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Dilophiraptor Friendly
Baby Gariraptor < Baby Gariraptor Friendly
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