Beam Rifle is a two-handed procedurally generated ranged weapon model.

It can be common, uncommon, and rare. Common Beam Rifles will shoot bullets, while uncommon and rare ones will shoot elemental plasma shots.

Base Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Base DPS: 9.0-11.0 health/s (Common), 9.5-11.5 health/s (Uncommon), 9.5-12.0 health/s (Rare)
  • Fire Time: 0.02-0.1 seconds between singly-fired shots (10-50 shots/s)
  • Energy Usage: 27.0-30.0 energy/s (Common), 28.5-31.5 energy/s (Uncommon/Rare)
  • Bullets per Burst: 6-12 (Common), 8-18 (Uncommon), 10-20 (Rare)
  • Burst Spacing: 0.002-0.005 seconds between consecutive shots
  • Knockback: 0.1-0.2 (infinitesimal knockback)
  • Crit Chance: 3% (Common), 4% (Uncommon), 5% (Rare)
  • Base Crit Damage Bonus: +3 damage

Elemental Damage[edit | edit source]

Uncommon and rare Beam Rifles are assigned one of seven elements (non-physical damage types) on generation. Both uncommon and rare variants will inflict status effects with special attacks. For vanilla elements (Fire, Ice, Poison and Electric), only rare Beam Rifles will inflict the appropriate elemental status effect with the primary attack. For elements added by Frackin' Universe (Radiation, Shadow and Cosmic), both uncommon and rare Beam Rifles will inflict the appropriate elemental status effect with the primary attack.

  • Fire: Inflicts Burning
  • Ice: Inflicts Frost
  • Poison: Inflicts Poisoned
  • Electric: Inflicts Electrified
  • Radiation: Inflicts Radiation Burn
  • Shadow: Inflicts Shadow Gas
  • Cosmic: Inflicts -Armor debuff

Special Attacks[edit | edit source]

Beam Rifles, like most two-handed weapon types, can generate with one of a variety of special attacks.

Vanilla Special Attacks[edit | edit source]

Special Attack Code Name Common? Uncommon? Rare?
Bouncing Shot bouncingshot Y Y Y
Burst Shot burstshot Y N N
Enemy Bomb deathbomb N Y Y
Explosive Burst explosiveburst Y Y Y
Explosive Shot explosiveshot Y Y Y
Flashlight flashlight Y N N
Grenade Launcher grenadelauncher Y Y Y
Energy Lance lance N Y Y
Marked Shot markedshot N Y Y
Piercing Shot piercingshot Y Y Y
Shrapnel Bomb shrapnelbomb Y Y Y
Spray 'n' Pray spray Y Y Y
Sticky Shot stickyshot Y Y Y

Frackin' Universe Special Attacks[edit | edit source]

Special Attack swtjc_ewg_[name] Common? Uncommon? Rare?
Cluster Bomb clusterbomb Y Y Y
Marked Shot 2.0 markedshotweak Y Y Y
Proximity Mines proximitymines Y Y Y
Railgun railgun Y Y Y
Spread Shot spreadshot Y Y Y
Plasma Cell Spray cellspray Y Y Y
Plasma Cell Spread cellspread Y Y Y
Dark Plasma darkplasma Y Y Y
Force Shield forceshield Y Y Y
Globe Launcher globelauncher Y Y Y
Phase Burst phaseburst Y Y Y
Rocket Jump rocketjump Y Y Y
Shatter Shot shattershot Y Y Y
Bouncing Spray bouncingspray N Y Y
Bouncing Spread bouncingspread N Y Y
Bouncing Piercing Shot bouncingpiercingshot N Y Y
Explosive Bouncing Shot explosivebouncingshot N Y Y
Explosive Spray explosivespray N Y Y
Explosive Spread explosivespread N Y Y
Piercing Spray piercingspray N Y Y
Piercing Spread piercingspread N Y Y
Sticky Spray stickyspray N Y Y
Sticky Spread stickyspread N Y Y
Bouncing Orbitals bouncingorbitals N Y Y
Elemental Spray elementalspray N Y Y
Explosive Bubbles explosivebubbles N Y Y
Bouncing Piercing Spray bouncingpiercingspray N N Y
Bouncing Piercing Spread bouncingpiercingspread N N Y
Explosive Bouncing Spray explosivebouncingspray N N Y
Explosive Bouncing Spread explosivebouncingspread N N Y
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