A store that exchanges bees for money and crafting materials.

It can be found in the Science Outpost, or purchased at Infinity Express for home use.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Reward Bee
Aegisalt Ore (x2) Hardy Queen
Bandage Red Queen
Barrel of Oil Honey Bee Queen
Plasmic Crystal Jungle Queen
Cinnabar (x6) Volcanic Queen
Lasombrium (x2) Nocturnal Queen
Durasteel Ore (x5) Metal Queen
Essentia Obscura (x6) Elder Queen
Ferozium Ore (x2) Exceptional Queen
Graphene Mythical Queen
Carbon Plate Hunter Queen
Ice Crystal Arctic Queen
Irradium Bar Adaptive Queen
Living Root Flower Queen
Plant Fibre (x6) Forest Queen
Plutonium Ore Plutonium Queen
Pyreite Ore Magma Queen
Quietus Bar Morbid Queen
Scorched Core (x5) Sun Queen
Solarium Ore Solarium Queen
Telebrium Crystal Moon Queen
Titanium Bar Miner Queen
Tritanium Bar Godly Queen
Uranium Ore Radioactive Queen
Volatile Powder (x2) Arid Queen
Zerchesium Bar Aggressive Queen
Pixels (x2) Honey Drone (x5)
Pixels (x5) [Godly, Nocturnal, Hardy, Arid, Forest, Morbid, Red, Exceptional, Flower, Jungle, Miner, or Hunter] Drone (x5)
Pixels (x6) [Plutonium, Arctic, Aggressive, Moon, Volcanic, Sun, Mythical, or Radioactive] Drone (x5)
Pixels (x7) Adaptive Drone (x5), or Solarium Drone (x5)
Pixels (x7) Metal Drone
Pixels (x9) Magma Drone
Pixels (x15) Elder Drone
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