The Beevamp is live. All the information on this page is now obsolete

Disclaimer: A major overhaul of the bee system (beevamp) is underway. The information below is still accurate but once that overhaul is complete this section will be obsolete. No announced date yet for beevamp.

Bees! was also introduced into this mod. For more information, see the Bees: Basics guide.

It adds several new bee related items, bee farming, and bee breeding. There are 26 different types of bees, and each bee produces different items and honeycombs.

Discovered Bees[edit | edit source]

These bees can be found on their respective planets/biomes. The chances are finding bees are not necessarily equal between biomes. Most, with the notable exception of Nocturnal Bees, spawn only during the day.

Note: Bees are not guaranteed to spawn on every planet of that biome. Some planets will have no bees.

Bee Breeding[edit | edit source]

To breed bees you must put a queen and a drone of each type in an Apiary.

When breeding bees, the queens will not go into the output but rather fly around the area until they either despawn or are caught with a Bug Net or stunned by a Bug Harvester Turret.

Exceptional Branch

Morbid Branch (These bees may sting.)

These bees should be kept in an area where they cannot fly and hurt you.

Solarium ( Radioactive ) Branch

Flower Sub Branches

Godly Branch

Miner Branch

Miner Bees: Arid + Adaptive

  • Exclusive Frame Options:
  • Aegisalt Frame - Aegisalt Honeycomb
  • Copper Frame - Copper Honeycomb
  • Diamond Frame - Precious Honeycomb
  • Durasteel Frame - Durasteel Honeycomb
  • Ferozium Frame - Ferozium Honeycomb
  • Gold Frame - Gold Honeycomb
  • Iron Frame - Iron Honeycomb
  • Plutonium Frame - Plutonium Honeycomb
  • Silver Frame - Silver Honeycomb
  • Titanium Frame - Titanium Honeycomb
  • Tungsten Frame - Tungsten Honeycomb
  • Uranium Frame - Uranium Honeycomb
  • Violium Frame - Violium Honeycomb

Metal Bees

Fire Bees

Elder Bees

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