This page refers to the Bees! mod, a sub-component of Frackin' Universe.

Updates[edit | edit source]

FU development staff are currently working on updates to the ways bees work. To test these out, you can use a Testing Apiary. Go to that page to learn more about what's been changed so far. Until completed, everything else will remain as normal.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

To begin farming bees, an Apiary Crafting Station (crafted at a Machining Table), a Bug Net (crafted at a Foraging Table), and some growing flowers are needed. The Apiary Crafting Station is used to craft an Apiary and its various upgrades, different frames for improving production, and the Honey Extractor and Honey Jarring Machine to make honey for consumption or cooking. The Bug net is used to catch wild bees to put in your apiaries. Both a Queen bee and a Drone bee are need to start production. The flowers need to be within 80 blocks of where you place your apiary.

Once the apiary is placed properly and stocked with a Queen and Drone, they will start producing items. Each bee type produces Honeycombs, which can be eaten, jarred, put in a centrifuge, or put in an extractor. Drones will also multiply and can be sold to the Bee Refuge for pixels. Some bee type also produce other items, such as Bee Silk or Golden Sand.

Once an apiary is active, it will periodically spawn queens and drones. While flying, the bees use the common bug sprite, colored to match their type. Catching the queens that spawn, or others in the wild, is the only way to obtain more queens. A Bug Harvester Turret (crafted at a Foraging Table) will stun the bees so that you can collect them without having to catch each one individually with the bug net.

Advanced Production[edit | edit source]

Production rates are affected by the number of drones, the number of nearby flowers, and the use of different Frames. The more drones and the more flowers available to the apiary, the more items will be produced. As more bees are discovered, more frames will become available as well. Only the queens unlock new frames.

Note: No more than 1 bee queen can be placed in the apiary, and up to 1000 drones. Additional drones will be placed in the output area but not speed up production, and additional queens in the top input slot will be ejected if the bees in the hive are producing or interbreeding. Extra queens can be sold to the Bee Refuge for crafting materials.

Frames and Special Effects[edit | edit source]

Most frames will boost production rates one way or another. Some frames have special effects that should be made aware before using them as they can greatly influence strategy.

Anti-Mite[edit | edit source]

Varroa Mites can attack and kill bees in apiaries. Drones are more vulnerable than queens, but only one queen can be in an apiary at a time. Using an Anti-Mite frame will prevent mites from spawning and kill any existing ones. Frames with this feature include the Anti-Mite Frame, Uranium Frame, Plutonium Frame, Magma Frame, and Godly Frame.

*Note* If connecting Apiaries to an item network, it will not pull/push items if a mite exists in the inventory.

Forced Time[edit | edit source]

Most bees are active during the day. When night falls, they stop production. However, bees can be kept going around the clock by using the Solar Frame or the Magma Frame.

However, this does not apply to Nocturnal, Moon, or Elder bees. They will be active during the night and rest during the day. You can use an Eclipse Frame to keep them active during the day.

Mutation Chance[edit | edit source]

Several frames may cause a mutation, causing a hostile creature to spawn. While this isn't normally desirable, these frames are necessary to breed the Radioactive Bee from Miner Bees. The following table lists which frame have a mutation chance and how much, as well as other effects. Occasionally, mutations can cause Elder bees to spawn.

Frame Recipe Mutation Chance Other Effects
Scented Frame 2x Golden Wood

8x Floral Honeycomb

6x Plant Fibre

3% Increase Drone Production

Increase Honeycomb Production

Uranium Frame 10x Uranium Rod

2x Potent Mutagene

5% Anti-Mite
Plutonium Frame 10x Plutonium Rod

2x Powerful Mutagene

10% Anti-Mite
Solar Frame 4x Solarium Star

4x Solar Honeycomb

3% Active During Night

Miner Frames[edit | edit source]

These frames will make Miner bees produce special honeycombs that can be refined to produce ores. Note that each of these types of honeycomb will produce the same result whether it is put in a centrifuge or extractor. As such, the extractor should be preferred as the centrifuge will not always convert honeycombs to materials. They can also be put into a Honey Extractor or a Honey Jarring Machine to get consumable jars as well. All Miner bees produce Deep Earth Honeycomb, which can be centrifuged or extracted to get coal. Miner Bees are only effected by what frame you put in, is what you get out.

Frame Production Centrifuge/Extractor Honey
Copper Frame Copper Honeycomb Copper Ore Honey Jar
Silver Frame Silver Honeycomb Silver Ore Shell Honey Jar
Gold Frame Gold Honeycomb Gold Ore Speed Honey Jar
Diamond Frame Precious Honeycomb Diamond Honey Jar
Iron Frame Iron Honeycomb Iron Ore Shell Honey Jar
Tungsten Frame Tungsten Honeycomb Tungsten Ore Shell Honey Jar
Titanium Frame Titanium Honeycomb Titanium Ore Shell Honey Jar
Durasteel Frame Durasteel Honeycomb Durasteel Ore Shell Honey Jar
Aegisalt Frame Aegisalt Honeycomb Aegisalt Ore Shell Honey Jar
Ferozium Frame Ferozium Honeycomb Ferozium Ore Shell Honey Jar
Violium Frame Violium Honeycomb Violium Ore Shell Honey Jar

Breeding[edit | edit source]

Bees can be interbred to create new kinds of bees by putting a queen and a drone of different species in the same apiary. All bees interbreed only during the day, including the Nocturnal, Moon, and Elder Bees (which typically produce at night). Refer to the table below for a comprehensive list on what species can interbreed and what they produce. When interbred, the new breed of drones will be placed in the output section of the apiary. Also, the new drones and their queens can spawn in the world, requiring a Bug Net or Bug Harvester Turret to catch them. However, the new items they would produce do not start generating until a queen and drone of the same type are in the same apiary. Until then, the interbreeding bees will only produce Honeycombs.

Stinging Bees[edit | edit source]

When active, Aggressive, Metal, and Morbid bees will sting the player. This can be prevented by using certain gear, a buff from the Bee Guy Crew Member, or using one of the scented apiaries. Note that if you use the Scented Apiary or Giant Scented Apiary, no drones or queens will spawn for you to collect.

Bee Varieties[edit | edit source]

The following lists the available bees and include what items they produce. Also included are what can be obtained from the honeycombs each bee produces when it is put through a centrifuge (such as a Lab Centrifuge), an Extractor (such as the Quantum Extractor), or one of the honey-specific machines, the Honey Extractor and the Honey Jarring Machine

Species Source Production Centrifuge Extractor Honey
Honey Bee Lush or Garden biomes


Bee Silk

Beeswax Pure Honey Honey Jar
Flower Grassland biomes

Breed Forest and Jungle

Floral Honeycomb

Beeflower Seed

Bee Silk

Yellow Petals

Blue Petals

Red Petals

Organic Soup Floral Honey Jar
Forest Forest biomes

Forest Honeycomb

Bee Silk

Pure Honey

Golden Wood Pure Honey Green Honey Jar
Hardy Mountainous or Toxic biomes

Breed Honey and Forest


Bee Silk

Beeswax Pure Honey Honey Jar
Jungle Jungle or Toxic biomes

Jungle Honeycomb

Plant Fibre

Bee Silk

Golden Leaves Bioluminescent Spore Green Honey Jar
Arid Arid or Desert biomes

Arid Honeycomb


Golden Sand

Bee Silk


Golden Sand Loose Silt Strong Honey Jar
Arctic Frozen or Cold biomes

Arctic Honeycomb

Cryonic Extract

Bee Silk

Frozen Beeswax Ice Frozen Honey Jar
Volcanic Volcanic biomes

Volcanic Honeycomb

Scorched Core

Bee Silk

Lava Cinnabar Inferno Honey
Aggressive Proto-World biomes

Breed Hunter and Red

Red Honeycomb

Raw Steak


Bee Silk

Red Beeswax Blood Red Honey Jar
Nocturnal Forest or Arid biomes

in Night time

Dark Honeycomb Beeswax Shadow Gas Dark Honey Jar
Metal Cyber Sphere

Breed Aggressive and Morbid

Tungsten Honeycomb

Tungsten Ore

Titanium Ore

Liquid Iron

Copper Wire

Tungsten Ore Tungsten Ore Shell Honey Jar
Miner Bog or Mountainous biomes

Breed Arid and Adaptive

Deep Earth Honeycomb

Miner Honeycombs (see Miner Frames)

Coal Coal Honey Jar
Adaptive Breed Arctic and Volcanic Honeycomb

Pure Honey

Bee Silk

Beeswax Pure Honey Honey Jar
Exceptional Breed Hardy and Adaptive​

Exceptional Honeycomb

Pure Honey

Bee Silk

Titanium Ore

Tungsten Ore

Iron Ore

Bee Silk

Pure Honey

Amber Chunk

Pure Honey Honey Jar
Hunter Breed Jungle and Adaptive

Silk Honeycomb

Bee Silk

Bee Silk Bee Silk Honey Jar
Morbid Breed Aggressive and Nocturnal

Morbid Honeycomb

Viral Cells

Ghostly Beeswax Rotting Flesh Red Honey Jar
Red Breed Honey and Flower

Breed Flower and Hardy

Red Honeycomb

Red Beeswax

Red Beeswax Blood Red Honey Jar
Mythical Breed Flower and Exceptional

Mythical Honeycomb

Bee Silk

Exotic Matter

Healing Water Liquid Protocite Mythical Honey Jar
Radioactive Breed Miner Queen and Drone

with mutating frame

Radioactive Honeycomb

Uranium Ore

Mutated Cells

Uranium Ore Uranium Ore Mutagenic Honey Jar
Plutonium Breed Radioactive and Hardy

Plutonium Honeycomb

Plutonium Ore

Mutated Cells

Plutonium Ore Plutonium Ore Healing Honey Jar
Solarium Breed Plutonium and Exceptional Solarium Honeycomb

Solarium Ore

Mutated Cells

Solarium Ore Solarium Ore Quasar Honey Jar
Moon Breed Miner and Nocturnal Moon Honeycomb Carbon Helium-3 Honey Jar
Sun Breed Moon and Solarium

Solar Honeycomb

Volatile Powder

Sulphur Solarium Ore Inferno Honey
Magma Breed Sun and Volcanic

Fiery Honeycomb

Scorched Core

Bee Silk


Core Fragment

Scorched Core

Core Fragment Inferno Honey
Godly Breed Sun and Mythical

Godly Honeycomb

Bee Silk

Unknown Gene

Matter Block Solarium Ore Mythical Honey Jar
Elder Breed Godly and Magma

Elder Rotcomb

Essentia Obscura

Elder Stone

Unknown Gene

Exotic Matter

Essentia Obscura

Elder Stone

Essentia Obscura Unknown Substance
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