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Frackin' Universe allows a default ship or vice versa without starting a new character.

Once you've selected the Build your ship option, all ship tiles are now unprotected and can be edited with your matter manipulator at will, included hull blocks. Be careful, however: if there is no background block behind you, there is no breathable oxygen and no gravity. Gravity can be generated through a ship gravity generator. And if you fall out of your ship, you can become potentially stuck floating in 0 G if you are not currently orbiting a planet and able to beam down (or have advanced techs). This will require use of admin commands or /suicide to fix.

If you choose to build your ship, there are some changes to what you need to do to get it functioning.

After getting off the starting planet, you will run the Erchius mission as normal, and bring your 20 Erchius Crystal to Penguin Pete. However, the Erchius Crystal will stay in your inventory, and you will need to craft a small FTL drive before the ship can be piloted.

After crafting the small FTL drive, you will learn how to craft the regular sized one, but only one functional FTL drive can be placed at any one time.

Ship Size will add mass to your vessel requiring more fuel to move it. Additional thrusters will reduce the mass. The ship level is 2050 sectors (blocks) across, almost equivalent to a small world (3000).

Personal Tricorder BYOS Quests[]

Ship Component Assembly[]

Ship Component Assembly
Pre-Required Quest Ship Repairs
Text To start on ship repairs I should build a Ship Component Assembler.
Completion I should find a way to get some Erchius crystals to build an FTL drive.
Requirements 1 Ship Component Assembler
Reward 1 Reward Bag

Space Travel[]

Space Travel
Pre-Required Quest Ship Component Assembly
Text To travel through space I need to build a Small FTL Drive on a Machining Table. Maybe I can find an Erchius crystal mine and get some Erchius crystals from there.
Completion All I need to do is place the FTL Drive and I can travel through space.
Requirements 1 Small FTL Drive
Reward 10 Salvaged Armor Plate, 6 Salvaged Actuator, 200 Hull Panel

Crew Beds[]

Crew Beds
Pre-Required Quest Ship Component Assembly
Text If you want to Hire Crewmates then you first need to build a Crappy Crew Bed. Build one at a Ship Component Assembler and place it on your ship!
Completion For each additional crewmate you'll need a new bed. Some beds can house more than one, such as Bunk Beds.
Requirements 1 Crappy Crew Bed
Reward 12 Salvaged Interface Chip

Crew Quarters[]

Crew Quarters
Pre-Required Quest Crew Beds
Text Crew Deeds allow you to Hire Crewmates if you place them in an enclosed room that contains at least 1 Door, 1 Light and 1 Bed. Build one at a Ship Component Assembler and place it on your ship!
Completion For each additional crewmate you'll need a new crew deed. Interacting with the ^green;Crew Deed^reset; when it has issues will show what they are.
Requirements 1 Crew Deed
Reward 12 Salvaged Interface Chip