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A square of high-quality canvas.


Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Sewing Machine Cotton Wool




Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Ruffian Gloves Ruffian Gloves
Ruffian Sandals Ruffian Sandals
Stalker's Robe Stalker's Hood
Stalker's Hood Stalker's Robe
Stalker's Legs Stalker's Legs
Insurgent's Mask
Insurgent's Trousers
Assassin's Chestguard
Assassin's Mask
Assassin's Trousers
Quail Crest
Quail Trousers
Phoenix Breastplate
Phoenix Helm
Phoenix Greaves
Nomad's Crown
Nomad's Trousers
Gatherer's Chestpiece
Gatherer's Helm
Gatherer's Skirt
Knight's Helm
Knight's Tassets
Paladin's Breastplate
Paladin's Helm
Paladin's Greaves
Pioneer's Helm
Pioneer's Trousers
Adventurer's Chestguard
Adventurer's Helm
Adventurer's Trousers
River Helm
River Leggings
Ocean Chestguard
Ocean Helm
Ocean Greaves
Outlaw Hat
Outlaw Pants
Varmint's Plate
Varmint's Hat
Varmint's Pants
Durasteel Table

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