Description: A food that cattle just love. Not for sapient ingestion. You'll get sick.

Food Value: 20

Effects: (On player character) HP -5% (10 seconds), Weak Poison (30 seconds)

Feeds Farm Beasts with Herbivore, Omnivore, and Special Omnivore diets.

The Feeding Livestock quest in the Tutorial questline requires you to gather 1 Cattle Feed.

Can be extracted in a Hand Mill from Corn.

Sometimes available for purchase from Space Stations.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafted at the Foraging Table. Learn the recipe from Corn.

Output: 25x Cattle Feed

Extractor Input Output
Extraction Lab

Corn x1

Cattle Feed x3
Extraction Lab MKII

Corn x1

Cattle Feed x3
Quantum Extractor Corn x1 Cattle Feed x5

Teaches Ingredient for Extracted from
Improved Feed Improved Feed Corn
Carnivore Slew
Improved Slew
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