A roll of processed cotton.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Spinning Wheel Cotton Fibre


Cotton Wool


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Admiral Top Draped Top
Admiral Bottoms Draped Skirt
Poly-Thread Top Swashbuckler Coat
Poly-Thread Pants Swashbuckler Hat
Myral Top Swashbuckler Pants
Myral Bottom
Elite Shirt
Elite Pants
Monks Robe
Monks Hood
Monks Leggings
Fang Shaman Coat
Fang Shaman Hood
Fang Shaman Leggings
Recon Vest
Recon Headgear
Recon Leggings
Nomad Robes
Nomad Hood
Nomad Pants
Operative Chest Armor
Operative Cap
Operative Leg Armor
Sanguine Vest
Sanguine Crown
Sanguine Boots
Swashbuckler Coat
Swashbuckler Hat
Swashbuckler Pants
Vagabond's Coat
Vagabond's Pants
Azun Chest
Azun Hood
Azun Pants
Rebel's Chestguard
Rebel's Hood
Rebel's Trousers
Commander Jacket
Commander Trousers
Navy Jacket
Navy Trousers
Officer Jacket
Officer Trousers
Specialist Jacket
Specialist Trousers
Hide Shirt
Hide Skirt
Ornate Shirt
Ornate Loincloth
Sparrow Breastplate
Sparrow Helm
Sparrow Loincloth
Worker Shirt
Worker Skirt
Short Cape
Simple Cape
Plain T-Shirt
Furnivour Chest
Furnivour Legs
Savage Chest
Savage Legs
Leaf Chest
Leaf Legs
Pelt Chest
Pelt Legs
Survivalist Chest
Survivalist Legs
Bonesmith's Chestguard
Bonesmith's Skullhat
Bonesmith's Loincloth
Craftsmen Shirt
Craftsmen Trousers
Merchant Shirt
Merchant Trousers
Noble Shirt
Noble Trousers
Peasant Shirt
Peasant Trousers
Soldier's Breastplate
Soldier's Helm
Soldier's Trousers
Casual Cardigan
Casual Shorts
Stylish Jacket
Stylish Bottoms
Sweater Vest
Scavenger's Breastplate
Scavenger's Helmet
Scavenger's Trousers
Sleeveless Top
Kimono Shirt
Kimono Skirt
Monk Shirt
Monk Skirt
Pond Breastplate
Pond Helm
Pond Greaves
Traditional Shirt
Traditional Trousers
Trainee Shirt
Trainee Trousers
Bandit Vest
Bandit Hat
Bandit Chaps
Gunslinger Jacket
Gunslinger Pants
Rustler Jacket
Rustler Cut-offs
Suspender Shirt
Suspender Pants
Formal Waistcoat
Formal Pants
Tar Bed
Teddy Bear

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