Description: Floran delicacy. A live baby chicken.

Food value: 20

Effects: Regeneration 1

Generally found as loot, at least until you're pretty far into the game.

Tips:[edit | edit source]

Can feed Carnivore or Omnivore Farm Beasts.

Can be purchased from the Ansible Network for 550 pixels each. Potential stock for Medical Stations.

Is an acceptable fuel for the Combustion Generator, with a fueling duration of 20 seconds. Is also fuel for one other generator.

Is a result of extraction from a special converter, found in certain biomes.  It can then be used in a different converter to produce a special kind of money. 

Extraction[edit | edit source]

When used as input for extraction, this item has the following yields:

Extractor Input Output
Extraction Lab Crunchy Chick


Carnivore Slew


Extraction Lab MKII Crunchy Chick


Carnivore Slew


Quantum Extractor Crunchy Chick


Carnivore Slew


Ingredient for Teaches
Crunchy Chick Pie Crunchy Chick Pie

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This item is a reference to the edible "Crunchy Chick" item from the video game series Fable.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Feb 11, 2018: Extracts to slew
  • Jan 22, 2018: Added food value.
  • Sep 15, 2017: Teaches Crunchy Chick Pie
  • Aug 7, 2017: Fuel for Combustion Generator
  • Jul 28, 2016: Added price

Source[edit | edit source]


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