The Deep Seer is a mystery left unexplored, and unpursued by all scientists and researchers with any remaining shred of sanity. Even those who delve into the twisted aberrations and horrors of the living Atropus planets, do not dare look too far into it's depths as all of them have reported that they can "feel" the depths of these twisting mutations looking back... Those that have gone off into the deep end find themselves pulled into the planets waters and are never heard from again. It is believed that a scientist driven to the depths of madness will be consumed by the writing flesh lurking within the seas deepest, unseen bottoms. Once consumed, the intelligence of the creature is added to the mass of flesh - so to is a new set of eyes. After consuming countless life, the deepest parts of the sea, and a part of the twisted planet itself breaks off and becomes a Deep Seer - seeking even more sentient life to prey upon and devour. It is said that looking upon the visage of such a creature steals the sight and intelligence of a creature - forcing it into such a catatonic state of overwhelming grief and madness that they are compelled to seek death in whatever way they can, wandering into the maw of the creature without their knowledge of the act, bringing about their temporary end as their intelligence, and now unblinking eyes are bound to eternal torture within the creatures twisting mass. Each set of eyes looks to other creatures the Deep Seer encounters with a single plea flickering dimly within the depths of their unblinking irises - A plea for death, to finally be released from their deep sea prison. "Kill me" they seem to whisper...

With the ability to spawn several Atropal Eye slaves to assist in it's hunting, this creature becomes a much more dangerous threat. Typically the minions will be seen attacking before the boss is within sight. These fleshy underlings are used to scout the depths of the monsters domain, searching for prey - and wearing them down before the Deep Seer approaches to finish them off. Each attack from both master and eye slaves, inflict insanity and shadow damage. Given that many types of armor are not resistant to this damage type, the Deep Seer can deal significant damage to the unprepared.

.Deep Seer is a unique monster miniboss that spawns on Atropus Sea planets.

Luna's Lab Notes[edit | edit source]

~ Immune to Liquid Nitrogen, and possessing a slight health regen - this creature can be difficult to kill - given it's massive health pool. While underwater, the creature also gains a resistance to fire damage - which is the most likely place to encounter such a creature.

~ The boss health bar will appear when the creature grows near, and interestingly enough - will also appear when one of it's spawned minions approaches.

~ When struck unexpectedly, massive damage can be dealt to the creature. When attacked before aggroing, or becoming aware of the presence of a hostile creature, the Deep Seers defenses are lowered - and any attack in this state deals significantly more damage. However given the many Atropal Eyes that scan it's domain, and the otherworldly perception the creature already possesses, getting such an unexpected attack to land is nearly impossible.

~ This aberration cannot leave liquid naturally, and will instead hover at the surface. However, if birthed outside of fluids they are capable of locomotion in the air through some sort of air-sack within their internal parts.

~ This creature, with it's horrifying visage and many eyes is best encountered and fought when listening to the following song - Stemage: Metroid Metal - Tourian Brain

~ Side note - How horrifying! This creature is delightfully frightening and a wonderful addition to the FU mod. Bringing even more terrifying flavor into the already crazed atropus environments and lore. Thank you to whomever added this creature!

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