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A multi-phasic super-dense metal.

Densinium (De) is an unusually black metal that phosphoresces in dim light. The easiest way to identify this metal is its extremely high density: 39.18 g/cm3. Densinium forms from the decay of a lutetium isotope; this isotope has a half-life of 13 billion years, meaning that densinium is absurdly rare. Extremely resistant to chemical and physical stress, you will often see this material used in weapons, armor, and high-end technology.

Found on (bold indicates main source[s]):


Gas Giants

Infernus Planets

Ice Wastes

Super-Dense Planets

Unknown Planets

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For some reason, densinium is made into cuboid bars.

As an ore, it casts a faint purple light that vanishes when shone upon.


Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Fission Furnace Densinium Ore


Densinium Bar


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Densinium Ore Densinium Shield Plasma Light Pack
Harvester Beamgun III Densinium Blade
Translocator II Densinium Shield
Gryphon Controller Densinium Rifle
Densinium Blade Densinium Scythe
Densinium Scythe Densinium X7 Helm
Elder Blade Densinium Greaves
Elder Spear Densinium Armor
CT-4 Mining Cannon Densinium Helm
Hail Strike Densinium Shortsword
Densinium Rifle
Elder Disruptor
Disruptor Pistol
Hyperion Particle Cannon
Swarm Gun MKII
Plasma Light Pack
Densinium X7 Helm
Densinium Armor
Densinium Helm
Densinium Greaves
Gladiator Hardsuit
Gladiator Helm
Gladiator Greaves
Mask of Nekron
Aetherium Alloy
Quantum Manipulator
Quantum Reactor
Ultra Battery Unit
Wall Jump IV
Stimulant Rig IV
Zero Burst IV

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