The Duplicator placed on the world.

The Duplicator is a Precursor machine for duplicating specific materials.

In order to function, it needs:

It has two input (blue) wiring slots: the upper slot is a power switch, the lower slot is the energy receiver.

The Neutronium and Anti-Neutronium aren't consumed once the process begins - they only serve to start it, as if some sort of key or catalyst.

The Duplicator can be found in Precursor mini-biomes and in the Precursor Ruins mission.

The material in the "item" slot does not get consumed or altered - instead, the resulting duplicated items are placed in the "output" slot.

ID: fu_precursorduplicator

Items[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of items accepted by the machine for duplication.

Fuel[edit | edit source]

The Duplicator will accept the following items as fuel.

The efficiency values are read from the source code file. More efficient fuels have a higher chance of producing more output, but all are guaranteed to produce at least one material from the input slot.

If the item duplicated s NOT able to be used as fuel the approximate average output can be found by multiplying the efficiency of the fuel (E) and the item's value (V) in the following formula:

Output = E*(1 - V/1000) + 0.1

Note - if Output is below 1: whole numbers should be added until you reach a number above 1 (so 0.9 will give 1.9 and -0.2 will give 1.8), so using better fuel might not be the right move. For example: if you were to use a level 8 fuel to duplicate Densinium (value 840) you would get an average of 1.38, but if you used a level 5 fuel you would average 1.9.

If the item duplicated IS able to be used as fuel the efficiency is cut more than in half. The approximate number can be found by taking the Output from the above formula and separating it into the whole number portion and the decimal places. The average will be the whole number divided by 2 rounded down, plus the decimal places divided by 4. Example: using a level 6 fuel on Trianglium Pyramids (value 565) will average 1.1775 (6*(1-565/1000) + 0.1 = 2.71; separate into 2 and 0.71; 2/2 + 0.71/4 = 1.1775)

One fuel item will be consumed everytime the process begins, regardless of its efficiency.

                                     Fuel                                     Efficiency
Unknown Technology 10
Exotic Matter 10
Pure Erchius Crystal 8
Honed Lunari 6
Tritium 6
Energy Wood (bugged) 5
Lunari Crystal (bugged) 5
Ultronium 5
Quantum Fluid 4
Trianglium Pyramid 4
Prisilite Star 4
Erchius Crystal 4
Solarium Star 3
Protocite Fuel Canister 3
Thorium Rod 2
Enriched Uranium 2
Enriched Plutonium 2
Erithian Biofuel Canister 2
Uranium Rod 1
Neptunium Rod 1
Plutonium Rod 1
Liquid Erchius Fuel 1
Biofuel Canister 1
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