Description:[edit | edit source]

The E.V.A Armor is a tier 3 armor that provides immunity to Radiation, Rad Burns, Pus, and Liquid Nitrogen. Additionally, it provides 21% resistance to all other elemental types (Fire, Poison, Ice, Electric), with the exception of Shadow and Aether.

While outclassed by other, more specialized armor sets, a suit of E.V.A Armor will allow relative safe exploration of a large variety of early-game biomes.

Unlocked by: Armory

Stats:[edit | edit source]

Armor Piece E.V.A Helmet

E.V.A Suit

E.V.A Pants
Damage 30 60 15
Armor 9.6 16 6.4
Health 12 18 9
Energy 12 18 9
Set Bonus Immunity: Radiation, Rad Burns, Pus, Liquid Nitrogen

21% all Resistances (Fire, Poison, Ice, Electric)

Recipe:[edit | edit source]


E.V.A Helmet

E.V.A Suit

E.V.A Pants

Titanium Bar




Advanced Plastic 2 3 1
Neptunium Rod 1 2 1

Data:[edit | edit source]

itemName: evahead evachest evapants
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