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The Elder Altar is a crafting station that can be found in the Delta Freya II mission, or crafted by the player after researching the tier 6 research option, "The Calling" in the metaphysics research tree. It can be used to create high-tier weapons out of the various artifacts dropped by the enemies found within the Delta Freya II mission.

The Elder Altar's GUI resembles the Autopsy Table's own GUI; three vertical boxes for inputs and any outputs to the right of them. In order to use it, one must place necessary materials in the inputs and await the results. The Elder items are some of the most powerful in Frackin' Universe.

Recipes for these items are explained below. Only some are available, so any modifications to add to these will be appreciated.

Item Ingredients
Elder Chest Armor 7> Nocxium Bars1 Celaeno Fragment

1 Trapezohedron

Elder Whip 5> Nocxium Bars1 Celaeno Fragment

1 Rune Wand

Elder Hook 1 Elder Artifact1 Unknown Reactor

1 Elder Fragment

Ripper Gun 1 Elder Artifact1 Rune Wand

1 Elder Core

Dimensional Repeater 1 Elder Artifact1 Valtan Casing

1 Unknown Reactor

Disruptor Pistol 1 Elder Artifact1 Elder Fragment

1 Elder Core

Elder Soulhammer 1 Elder Artifact

2 Blade Shards

1 Trapezohedron

Elder Shield 5 Nocxium Bars1 Elder Tome

5 Elder Fragment

Cultist Stuff 1 Elder Tome

2 Rune Wand

1 Elder Artifact

Cultist's Staff 1 Elder Artifact2 rune wand

1 elder tome

Ёlder axe 1 Valtan Casing

4 Blade Shards

5 Nocxium Bars

Staff of Madness 1 Elder Tome

2 Elder Fragment

1 Trapezohedron

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