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The Elder Race were (key word: were) a highly advanced, obscenely ancient, and very powerful race.

Lifestyle[edit | edit source]

It is unknown as to what life an average elder led before the Deltan Racial War between them and the precursor race. Hell, nobody knows what they even called themselves. Few (only the Kirhosi, Avali, and Floran) races are as old as the elder race, and there aren't many outside accounts of these mysterious beings. From the scarce amount of data that has been found, the elders once lived on incomprehensibly large ecumenopolises. They built these structures from living(!) stone and metal; their technological prowess can't be stressed enough. One thing of note is that the elders were not always murderous and insane. Before the race wars, they were (allegedly) quite peaceful: only their prehistory (before they discovered FTL travel) was truly bloodstained. The elders had several planets worth of weaponry, but never really used (or needed) them for millions of years.

Until the race wars.

A painting that is believed to be of a pre-war elder.

When those ended, one unknown author said, "The better things should be, the worse they really are." Sage words from a time where entire galactic superclusters were obliterated in 'minor skirmishes'. Just about every planet ever had lost most of its life, their surfaces razed and ruined. The old ecumenopolises were completely annihilated, leaving the rare occasional structure (or necropolis) we see today. Delta Freya, the home star system of this race, received the worst of it. The precursors, without a home planet or any hope, decided that the once-peaceful elder people were going down with them; to this end, they concocted an unfathomable 'virus' made from space-time itself. The elders, already quite worn out, were universally and catastrophically wiped away by this virus. When that didn't eliminate them, the precursors used every last bit of their power and focused it on the elder home system. The results: Delta Freya II was originally the fourth planet out, not the second. Only two planets, Delta Freya II and I, survived; the actual homeworld of the elder race is unknown, but it was certainly not a surviving planet.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The elders had three eyes for seeing better in both light and dark. Skin color varied wildly. Not much else is known about their physique.

The elders used living minerals to build structures, as well as nocxium. Elder structures originally had a bluish white color, degrading over time to the more familiar greenish gray.

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