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An advanced electromagnet.


Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Machining Table Iron Bar


Copper Wire




Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Coil Proto Chakram Electronics Center
Electromagnetic Shielding Railgun Light Bot
Machining Table Irradium Pistol Water Bot
Arm Cannon Magnet Grip I
Graviton Gun F4 Energy Rifle
Graviton Pistol Laser Pistol
K3 Double-Tap Laser Rifle
Laser Pistol Laser Turret
Laser Rifle Arm Cannon
Murder Manipulator Crappy Sprinkler (roof)
Irradium Staff Hazard Breastplate
Frost Wand Hazard Helmet
Irradium Wand Hazard Leggings
Tesla's Wand Spacesuit Airtank
Hazard Breastplate
Hazard Helmet
Hazard Leggings
Assault Armor
Assault Helmet
Assault Greaves
Spacefarer Chest
Spacefarer Greaves
Spacefarer mk2 Greaves
Sunwalker Chest
Sunwalker Helm
Sunwalker Robes
Star Master Helm
Mobility I
Particle Core
Molten Core
Propulsion Strip L
Propulsion Strip R
Anti-Grav Generator
Gravity Generator
Electron Microscope
Sprinkler (roof)
Crappy Sprinkler (roof)
Hi-tech 128-slot Safe
Gas Centrifuge
Large Power Sensor
8000u 8v Battery Unit
Power Sensor
Light Bot
Shield Bot
Water Bot
Magnet Grip I
Wall Jump II
Wall Jump III
Wall Jump IV
Physics Field I
Physics Field II
Tesla's Staff
Shield Generator

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