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Converts erchius energy into a more potent fuel

The Erchius Converter can be found in Precursor Dungeon. Used to turn most ship fuels into superior Precursor Quantum Fluid and the latter into Ancient Essence. Be aware that there is also a Faulty version that produces Bags of Farts instead of Quantum Fluid.

Extraction Recipes [v5.6347][]

Input Output Time
Liquid Erchius Fuel x 200 Subspace Flux Fluid 10s
Crystal Erchius Fuel x 100 Subspace Flux Fluid 10s
Erchius Crystal x 20 Precursor Form-Gel x 2 15s
Toxic Waste x 100 Subspace Flux Fluid 10s
Liquid Irradium x 25 Precursor Quantum Fluid 30s
Irradium Bar x 5 Precursor Quantum Fluid 40s
Uranium Rod x 25 Precursor Quantum Fluid 40s
Enriched Uranium (U) x 10 Precursor Quantum Fluid x 2 30s
Plutonium Rod x 22 Precursor Quantum Fluid 50s
Enriched Plutonium (Pu) x 8 Precursor Quantum Fluid x 2 30s
Neptunium Rod (Np) x 30 Precursor Quantum Fluid 70s
Thorium Rod x 27 Precursor Quantum Fluid 60s
Solarium Star x 15 Precursor Quantum Fluid x 2 30s
Ultronium (Ux3) Precursor Quantum Fluid x 5 12s
Precursor Quantum Fluid x 50 Ancient Essence x 1 20s
Crunchy Chick Ancient Essence x 5 10s
Crunchy Chick Deluxe Ancient Essence x 50 10s
Crunchy Evil Chick Ancient Essence x 100 10s


Poison, as found on Toxic Ocean planets, can be a viable way to obtain limitless amounts of Precursor Quantum Fluid. If you place Poison in a centrifuge, one of the resulting ingredients is Toxic Waste, which in turn can be placed in an extractor to extract Uranium Ore from. Forge the resulting Ore into Rods and you'll have fuel to convert. Given that poison is an easily obtained resource, this means you have easy access to Uranium for this device.

On the Other side you could make a factory that produce endless elder fluid ( even in a simple ocean planet you can make a factory with pumps to turn water into poison, poison into organic soup and organic soup into elder fluid) Centrifuging the elderfluid will give great amount of plutonium to convert into ancient essence. The rest of the fluid can be used to power reactors and the organic soup made before can be used to water crops AND act as fertilizer)

Other Info[]

ItemID: precursorconverter

This item is tagged under "precursor" for colony building.