Fleshleeches are large, leathery purple predatory parasitic worms. Their bodies glow with the corruption and twisted elements in which their muck filled homes are imbued with. Most unsettling, when a fleshleech latches onto a target, it releases eggs into the bloodstream of a living creature - these fleshleeches will hatch within a day, and eat the host alive.

The bite of a fleshleech is said to be one of the most excruciatingly painful, and horrifying experiences one can undergo. The poison that seeps into the veins and bloodstream burn like fire in every inch of the body. The pain is so intense, that it is said to cause lasting psychological damage and madness. Additionally, when the fleshleech bites a target, it tears through flesh and armor alike with it's serrated teeth, reducing the armor of a target. These creatures may not be the quickest to kill, but the damage that they do to the mind will more likely outlast the wounds of the flesh. Lastly, upon death, a fleshleech oozes toxic pus from it's wounds, infecting anything within range of the volatile parasite.

Flesh Leech is a unique monster found in Eldritch Field, Elder Core, Flesh Blobs, any kind of Atropus world, and the Delta Freya II mission. It is not capturable.

Professor Luna's Lab Notes[edit | edit source]

~ This creature has many different types of variants that are no longer in use. They are quite unique looking and can be found by selecting the .png files here: https://github.com/sayterdarkwynd/FrackinUniverse/tree/master/monsters/walkers/fleshleech/old

~ The flesh leech has an intriguing animation in which when it crawls, it latches onto midair to drag itself forward. This animation looks great when crawling up an incline. However, on a flat untarnished surface, it looks quite silly.

Fleshleech Luna's Lab.png



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