"A scorchy, burny, stony bugger."

The Flintlit is a reddish variant of the Peblit. It can be quite neurotic at times, choosing to spin wildly upon rousing itself from an uneasy rest. The Flintlit has more energy than what is good for it - It's proportionally massive head is still too much weight to carry on such small legs for extended periods of time, thus forcing frequent rests. However given the amount of energy stored within the Flintlit's small body, when it finally does become capable of rousing itself again, it spins around frantically, and with such force that the area around it begins to combust. This can be quite troublesome for flammable objects or environments. Not an ideal indoor denizen. Additionally, when excited, the Flintlit begins to spark and generate heat.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When Idle, the Flintlit first hops around 5 times, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. It then rests in typical Peblit Fashion for a few seconds and then wakes up and hops around again. If it sees a target, it does the same, but with larger and more Target-oriented jumps. Large Melee Weapons such as Broadswords are advised, It is really hard to hit these buggers with ranged weapons.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Flintlit are a unique monster found found on Frozen Volcanic and Red Desert Planets and in Icefire Forest Minibiomes.

Professor Luna's Lab Notes[edit | edit source]

~ The Flintlit will dance around, spinning and frollicing after standing up. This action spreads flames in it's general area, however takes much longer than the common Peblit wander animation. As such, one can line up a shot with a powerful ranged weapon and execute the Flintlit in it's dance from a distance while it is unaware and vulnerable. Additionally, usage of an energy weapon when fighting a Peblit is encouraged as the rough, rock hard carapace of the creature reduces physical damage by 50%.

~ If you know someone who is an arsonist, this is the perfect creature to give as a gift.

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