There are some changes made to Fluffalos in FU. See the Baby Fluffalo page on Starbounder for info from the vanilla game. All are herbivores and need to be fed from a trough in order to produce.

Elemental (Poison, Electric, Fire, Ice) Fluffalo eggs all take 800s to hatch in the Incubator, and generic Fluffalo eggs take 400s. They take 5000 - 7000 seconds without an Incubator.

Fluffalo baby:[edit | edit source]

  • Evolve time: 100 (evolves quicker if fed in trough)
  • Max health: 30. Regenerates health.

Monster ID: fufluffalobaby

Harvest chances:[edit | edit source]

Generic Fluffalo harvest chances:

All other Fluffalos have a 95% chance to drop their vanilla loot, and a 5% chance to drop 10 Research.

Stats:[edit | edit source]

  • Drops if killed: 33% Bone, 33% Leather, 33% Raw Steak, 1% Ancient essence
  • Has a 10% chance to lay an egg once an hour
  • Diet: herbivore. Hunger time: 20 minutes.
  • Harvest time: every 500 - 900s depending on happiness. Will not produce at all if starving.
  • Max Health: 90 (Generic) / 120 (Elemental). Regenerates health.
  • Generic Fluffalos are capturable, the others are not. The captured monster type for generic Fluffalos is a Fluffalo Baby (not the grown beast!)

Elemental Fluffalos have different resists:

  • Electric: 50% electric resist, -50% poison resist
  • Poison: 50% poison resist, -50% electric resist
  • Fire: 50% fire resist, -50% ice resist
  • Ice: 50% ice resist, -50% fire resist

Monster IDs: fufluffalo, fupoisonfluffalo, fuelectricfluffalo, fufirefluffalo, fuicefluffalo

Sources:[edit | edit source]

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