Poptops are a unique monster type, found generally in tranquil environments. They wander around aimlessly whistling to themselves, but when the player draws near they get aggressive, attacking with leaping bites and now, ranged snowy projectiles. Poptops are astoundingly adaptive, and have shown themselves to be quite resilient when faced with even the most extreme environments. Poptops are native to worlds of forest and tranquil environments, however due to the high demand for these creatures as pets, they have been spread to many worlds and planets they otherwise never would have been introduced too. This introduction of Poptops into different environments has lead to the recorded extinction of 300+ indigenous species, countless other wildlife, and lead to numerous biological adaptations and evolution within the species.

A Frosttop can be identified by the snowflakes, and pale blue aura surrounding it's chilled body as it skips around. Able to walk, climb and even create icy surfaces, the Frosttop may surprise unwary prey by attacking from unsuspecting angles. The Frosttop fires snowball like projectiles dealing damage and inflicting the “Deadly Chill” debuff.

Frosttops are found in the Ice Waste, and Frozen Volcanic, planets and _______ biomes.

Luna's Lab Notes[edit | edit source]

~ The Frosttop whistles a unique melody that shares a striking resemblance to the beginning part of "I Was the Sun (Before it Was Cool)." The song as reference:

~ When walking on surfaces, their feet often do not touch the actual blocks they are walking on. Even more comically, depending on the angle of the surface or wall, the Frosttop will walk up the surface upside down using it's mouth - it looks quite silly.

~ On a hot summer day, the cool air produced by this creature can be an effective and cheap way to cool a room. If you don't mind the danger of trying to capture one of these viscous little creatures.

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