These tier 5-6 worlds are situated in the cold zone of many stars, and are a strange and impossible mix of heat and cold. Careful of the weather, or you will most certainly die.


If unprepared, this planet can be quite dangerous. Deadly freeze and hailstorms/firestorms are the most common danger here. The patches of red-hot cobblestone and volcanic rock can burn if stepped on. Pits of lava are dangerous too, and they exist near the surface, but underground.

Usually there is always some form of weather going on because of the many dangerous weather types. Staying underground is a good way to avoid death from these.

A Frozen Volcanic planet that is above a liquid nitrogen ocean layer isn't as bad as it seems... unless your deadly freeze protection doesn't include liquid nitrogen protection.

Codex DescriptionEdit

Frozen Volcanic worlds are relatively rare, and possesses a dangerous mix of ice, burning rock and lava. Many useful resources detected. Recommend: Heating EPP II

Frozen Volcanic? How is this even possible? Science is at a loss to provide an explanation. Many useful resources detected. Recommend: Heating EPP II

A Frozen Volcanic surface ripe with hazards await below. Beware of lava, cold and liquid nitrogen dangers. Recommend: Heating EPP II

Notable FeaturesEdit

The surface a Frozen Volcanic planet appears to be like your average cold planet. The main thing setting it apart from other planets are the patches of glowing cobblestone and pits of lava surrounded by slush or volcanic rock.

The ice globes and ice cubes on the ground drop Snowflakes and ice blocks when broken. The trees that carry ice globes only drop wood.


Unique InhabitantsEdit

(Note that not all are always found on the same planet)




The resources and ores of this world are very diverse, but is nothing too special compared to most other planets. They include and are probably not limited to:


Frozen Volcanic Worlds can be found orbiting Blue Stars, Fiery Stars and Black Stars.


The biomes and dungeons that can be found on this planet are:

Possible WeatherEdit

There are many, many different weather patterns that occur in Frozen Volcanic worlds. They list as:

  • Freeze Storm (normal, lesser and minor)
  • Firestorm
  • Cinder shower
  • Tar Rain
  • Magma Storm (normal and severe)
  • Lightning Storm (normal and severe)
  • Hailstorm
  • Extreme Chill
  • Snowstorm
  • Blizzard
  • Earthquake (severe)
  • Windstorm
  • Snow