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A pane of glass used for crafting.

Can be found via extraction (see list further below).


Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Primitive Furnace Sand




Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Triton Sub Controller Golden Sand
Bubblegun Blood Sand
Mad Science Goggles Crystal Sand
Mad Science Goggles Frozen Sand
Recon Headgear Glass Sand
Vagabond's Visor Glowing Sand
Gendarme Helmet Molten Steel Sand
Shielded Helmet Rainbow Sand
Invader Visor Fine Sand
Diving Mask Red Sand
Lab Screen
Greenhouse Wall
Aromatic Candle
Industrial Centrifuge
Alchemy Table
Cloning Lab
Extraction Lab
Tinkering Table
Electronics Center
Sprouting Table
Xeno Research Lab
Lab Directory
Lab Monitor
Lab Cabinet
Lab Door
Lab Vending Machine
Food Locker
Gene Storage Chest
Item Transferrence Device
Hi-tech Bookcase
Hi-tech Fridge
Hi-tech Lamp
Hi-tech Wall Lamp
Hi-tech Oven
Hi-tech Table
Lab Centrifuge
Broken Signal Emitter
Liquid Pump
Output Pump
Pressure Pump
Reinforced Glass
Snowball Shooter
Breathing EPP
Breathing EPP
Empty Bottle
Laser Diode
Medical Syringe
Black Glass
Glass Block
Mirror Block
Neon Block
Wooden Window
Blue Glowstick
Green Glowstick
Orange Glowstick
Yellow Glowstick
Cool Chemical Shelf
Empty Life Support Pod
Heavy Door
Magma Lamp
Prism Bed
Prism Chair
Prism Door
Prism Magenta Lamp
Prism Emerald Lamp
Prism Cyan Lamp
Prism Table
Stylish Counter
Small Fossil Display
Medium Fossil Display
Laboratory Light
Tungsten Door
Titanium Door
Titanium Light
Titanium Table
Durasteel Light
Light Sensor
Liquid Sensor
Proximity Scanner

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