A honeycomb forged high in the sky. Peerless healing.

Effects Edit

Heal 125 Health over 60 seconds.

How to Acquire Edit

Place a Godly Queen and at least one Godly Drone in an Apiary.

Extraction Edit

When used as input for extraction, this item has the following yields.

Extractor Input Output
Hand Mill, Extraction Lab, Extraction Lab MKII, Quantum Extractor Godly Honeycomb


Solarium Ore


Centrifusion Results Edit

Centrifuge Input Output
Wooden Centrifuge, Iron Centrifuge, Industrial Centrifuge, Lab Centrifuge, Gas Centrifuge Godly Honeycomb


Matter Block


Honey Extractor Results Edit

Extractor Input Input Output
Honey Extractor, Honey Jarring Machine Empty Bottle x1 Godly Honeycomb x1 Mythical Honey Jar x1
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