Honeycombs are produced by bees in the apiary, they can be processed in any centrifuge, used to craft honey jars in the Honey Jarring Machine or extracted in any general extractor.

Each bee species produces one type of Honeycomb.

Note: Miner Bees are an exception - if any ore frames are installed, they will produce ore-type Honeycombs in addition to Deep Earth Honeycombs.

Honeycomb Bee Species Any Centrifuge Honey Jarring Machine Any Extraction Lab
Aegisalt Honeycomb Miner (Aegisalt Frame) Aegisalt Ore Shell Honey Jar 2 Aegisalt Ore
Arctic Honeycomb Arctic Frozen Beeswax Frozen Honey Jar 2 Ice
Arid Honeycomb Arid Golden Sand Strong Honey Jar 2 Loose Silt
Copper Honeycomb Miner (Copper Frame) Copper Ore Honey Jar 1 Copper Ore
Dark Honeycomb Nocturnal Beeswax Dark Honey Jar 1 Shadow Gas
Deep Earth Honeycomb Miner Coal Honey Jar 1 Coal
Durasteel Honeycomb Miner (Durasteel Frame) Durasteel Ore Shell Honey Jar 1 Durasteel Ore
Elder Rotcomb Elder Essentia Obscura, Elder Stone Unknown Substance, Essentia Obscura 2 Essentia Obscura
Exceptional Honeycomb Exceptional Amber Chunk, Pure Honey, Bee Silk, Titanium Ore, Tungsten Ore, Iron Ore Honey Jar 5 Pure Honey
Ferozium Honeycomb Miner (Ferozium Frame) Ferozium Ore Shell Honey Jar 1 Ferozium Ore
Fiery Honeycomb Magma Core Fragment, Lava, Scorched Core Inferno Honey Jar Core Fragment
Floral Honeycomb Flower

Blue Petal

Red Petal

Yellow Petal

Floral Honey Jar 2 Organic Soup
Forest Honeycomb Forest Golden Wood Green Honey Jar 2 Pure Honey
Godly Honeycomb Godly Matter Block Mythical Honey Jar 1 Solarium Ore
Gold Honeycomb Miner (Gold Frame) Gold Ore Speed Honey Jar 1 Gold Ore



Honey Bee

All interbreeding bees

Beeswax Honey Jar 2 Pure Honey
Iron Honeycomb Miner (Iron Frame) Iron Ore Shell Honey Jar 1 Iron Ore
Jungle Honeycomb Jungle Golden Leaves Green Honey Jar 2 Bioluminescent Spores
Moon Honeycomb Moon Carbon Honey Jar 2 Helium-3
Morbid Honeycomb Morbid Ghostly Beeswax Red Honey Jar 2 Rotting Flesh
Mythical Honeycomb Mythical Healing Water Mythical Honey Jar 1 Liquid Protocite
Plutonium Honeycomb Plutonium Plutonium Ore Healing Honey Jar 1 Plutonium Ore
Precious Honeycomb Miner (Diamond Frame) Diamond Honey Jar 1 Diamond
Radioactive Honeycomb Radioactive Uranium Ore Mutagenic Honey Jar 1 Uranium Ore
Red Honeycomb




Red Beeswax Red Honey Jar 2 Blood
Silk Honeycomb Hunter Bee Silk None (cannot be jarred) 1 Bee Silk
Silver Honeycomb Miner (Silver Frame) Silver Ore Shell Honey Jar 1 Silver Ore
Solar Honeycomb Sun Sulphur Inferno Honey Jar 1 Solarium Ore
Solarium Honeycomb Solarium Solarium Ore Quasar Honey Jar 1 Solarium Ore
Titanium Honeycomb Miner (Titanium Frame) Titanium Ore Shell Honey Jar 1 Titanium Ore
Tungsten Honeycomb Miner (Tungsten Frame) Tungsten Ore Shell Honey Jar 1 Tungsten Ore
Violium Honeycomb Miner (Violium Frame) Violium Ore Shell Honey Jar 1 Violium Ore
Volcanic Honeycomb Volcanic Lava Inferno Honey Jar 1 Cinnabar
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