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The Hydroponics Tray is a Powered Station, it allows you to automatically produce farmables. To use, simply put at least 3 seeds, water, and (optionally) Fertilizer in the top slots, and it'll automatically water and harvest them.

The stage of growth for the seed within shows on the device in the form of green vines.

This Powered Station works without power, but will increase growth speed when powered with 2W. Unpowered it has roughly the same growth speed as the growing tray. Powered, it grows at 6 times the normal rate.


Power Station (Hydroponics Tray x1)[]




Requires three seeds be present in the slot to consume and start growing (fewer when using fertilizers that have seed-saving capabilities).


While crops are growing, the liquid level, an internal variable, is reduced by 1 each second. Whenever a harvest occurs or the liquid level falls below 0, a unit of liquid is consumed, raising the liquid level by a certain amount based on the type of liquid consumed (if the liquid level falls below 0 and no units of liquid remain, growth is halted until more liquid is added):

From v5.6347

Legacy values no idea what version, leaving just in case [Davee]:


Whenever a harvest occurs, a unit of fertilizer is consumed if possible (growth is not halted by lack of a fertilizer). Depending on the type of fertilizer consumed, the next harvest may have its yield or growth speed enhanced. By default, 3-5 (?) crops are produced every time a harvest occurs, and harvests occur every 50 seconds(?) (Hydroponics Tray, scriptDelta = 120) or every 30 seconds(?) (Growing Tray, scriptDelta = 460).

Table updated as of v5.6347

Fertilizer Type Crop Yield Modifier Seed Use Modifier Growth Speed Modifier Liquid Modifier
Mulch - -1 +1.25 -
Rotten Food +1.25
Fungal Ichor +1 -1
Poop +1 - - -
Algae +1 -1 +1.25 0.5
Reproductive Boost +1 -1 +1 0.5
Beer +1 - +2 -
Organic Soup +2 -1 +1.5 -
Liquified Crystal +2 -1 +2.5 -
Fertilizer +1 -1 +2 -
Advanced Fertilizer +2 -1 +2.5 -
Pesticide +2 -1 +3 2
Superior Fertilizer +3 -2 +2 0.75
Aether (Liquid) +1 -1 +1 0.5
Essentia Obscura +2 -1 +1.5


  • There is also an early-game version called the Growing Tray. It doesn't require power and is much cheaper(3 Timber, 3 Dirt at a basic Foraging Table), which can be paired with the Well to let you begin autofarming almost immediately after completing the tutorial.


Hydroponics Tray:

Growing Tray: