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Not to be confused with the science outpost mission of a similar name: The Frozen Wastes.



Ice Wastes are, sure enough, balls of ice. Generally, isogen is found on them; in fact, isogen is often the only reason these planets are icy to begin with!

That aside, let's get down to summarising: Unforgivingly cold. These worlds have NO breathable air (probably because it's all frozen). Pools of liquid nitrogen. Fierce blizzards. Radiological bombardment. Actual bombardment. Not exactly a tropical paradise.

Oh, one more thing: the elder homeworld is (read: was) an ice waste. Since they don't have a homeworld, they like to inhabit other ice wastes. They are nothing to be trifled with; attacking these obscenely powerful, terrified, and xenophobic beings is NOT a good way to stay alive.


Ice wastes are absolutely terrifyingly cold. You do not want to go for a polar bear swim here, since you'd be flash frozen in seconds. Don't swim in the water. It's even colder. They do have some unique sorts of ice there, which provide something extra when extracting.

Notable Features[]

You can find on these worlds Cinnabar, Prisilite, Trianglium, Crystal, Isogen and Diamond.

Possible Weather[]

Minor Freeze Storms, Lesser Freeze Storms, Freeze Storms, Snow, Blizzards.