Not to be confused with the science outpost mission of a similar name: The Frozen Wastes.

Summary Edit


You don't want to be caught on an Ice Waste without ample cold protection. You'll freeze to death in seconds without it. Beware the harsh winds and flying ice blocks, too. They'll rip you apart. No air will be found there so you will most certainly need an oxygen supply.

Codex description Edit

Ice wastes are absolutely terrifyingly cold. You do not want to go for a polar bear swim here, since you'd be flash frozen in seconds. Don't swim in the water. It's even colder. They do have some unique sorts of ice there, which provide something extra when extracting.

Notable FeaturesEdit

You can find on these worlds Cinnabar, Prisilite, Trianglium, Crystal, Isogen and Diamond.

Possible Weather Edit

Minor Freeze Storms, Lesser Freeze Storms, Freeze Storms, Snow, Blizzards.