The Icebobb is an intangible spirit, similar to it's kin the Wisper both capable of passing through solid blocks. The Icebobb constantly drips glistening hyper-cooled ectoplasm like liquid from it's body. When attacking, they swell up and float in different directions or strait at you after they fire. They shoot balls of ice that are accompanied by clouds of ice upon release. Getting hit by the "snowballs" gives you the Deadly Chill. status while the body of the Icebobb gives Def -20%

Icebobb is based off of Will-o'-wisps.

. Icebobb is a unique monster found on any kind of _____ world and also in ______ mini-biomes. It is not capturable.

Luna's Lab Notes[edit | edit source]

~ This creature seems to have been created custom as there is no mention of being capturable in the file source, unlike almost every single other variety of monster. As such, inputting a command to attempt to make this creature capturable just results in it's death. I find this disappointing.

~ Slightly smaller than the more common Wisper, the Icebobb always shows up as a glowing blue more akin to the vanilla Wisper. With Frackin Universe however, there are now the following color variants of Wispers:

Color Spawn ID
Classic Pale Light Blue wisper
Pale Yellow wisper2
Pale Orange wisper3
Pale Dark Blue wisper4
Pale Pink wisper5
Pale Green wisper6


Icebobb Luna's Lab.png

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