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The Industrial Centrifuge is a Powered Station that allows you place liquids and honeycombs inside to separate them into other useful materials.

This Powered Station requires 16W of power to work.


Unlocked by Iron Centrifuge
Workbench Input Output
Power Station Iron Centrifuge - 1

Tungsten Bar - 6

Glass - 6

Industrial Centrifuge

Centrifuge Recipes[]

The following may be placed in the Industrial Centrifuge to yield crafting materials,which are listed from most common to least common.

Input Output
Aegisalt Honeycomb Aegisalt Ore
Aether Alien Compound, Hydrogen (H), Carbon (C), Liquid Protocite, Ancient Essence
Plasmic Fluid Silicon (Si), Contaminated Water, Research
Arctic Honeycomb Frozen Beeswax
Arid Honeycomb Golden Sand
Beer Pixels
Bio-Ooze Poison, Contaminated Water, Silicon (Si)
Black Tar Oil, Contaminated Water, Carbon (C)
Blood Contaminated Water, Research
Coconut Milk Contaminated Water, Research
Contaminated Water Water, Research
Copper Honeycomb Copper Ore
Dark Honeycomb Beeswax
Deep Earth Honeycomb Coal
Durasteel Honeycomb Durasteel Ore
Essentia Obscura Alien Compound, Contaminated Water, Plutonium Ore, Research
Elder Rotcomb Essentia Obscura, Elder Stone
Exceptional Honeycomb Pure Honey, Amber Chunk, Bee Silk, Tungsten Ore, Titanium Ore, Iron Ore
Ferozium Honeycomb Ferozium Ore
Fiery Honeycomb Core Fragment, Lava, Scorched Core
Floral Honeycomb Yellow Petal, Red Petal, Blue Petal
Forest Honeycomb Golden Wood
Godly Honeycomb Matter Block
Gold Honeycomb Gold Ore
Grav-Liquid Contaminated Water, Sulphur, Silicon (Si), Research
Healing Water Contaminated Water, Oxygen, Silicon, Carbon Dioxide
Helium-3 Hydrogen (H), Tritium (3H), Liquid Deuterium
Honeycomb Beeswax
Iron Honeycomb Iron Ore
Jungle Honeycomb Golden Leaves
Lava Core Fragment, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Carbon (C), Tungsten Ore, Silicon (Si)
Liquid Erchius Fuel Silicon (Si), Toxic Waste, Contaminated Water
Liquid Iron Iron Ore, Oil, Carbon (C)
Liquid Irradium Sulphur, Nitrogen (N), Irradium Ore
Liquid Nitrogen Nitrogen, Contaminated Water, Ice Crystal
Liquid Protocite Contaminated Water, Research, Protocite
Liquified Crystal Alien Compound, Crystal, Ancient Essence
Mercury Iron Ore, Contaminated Water, Carbon (C)
Milk Cheese
Moon Honeycomb Carbon (C)
Morbid Honeycomb Ghostly Beeswax
Mythical Honeycomb Healing Water
Oil Coal, Contaminated Water, Carbon (C)
Orange Grav-Liquid Contaminated Water, Sulphur, Silicon (Si), Research
Organic Soup Contaminated Water, Research
Plutonium Honeycomb Plutonium Ore
Poison Carbon (C), Contaminated Water, Toxic Waste
Precious Honeycomb Diamond
Pure Honey Contaminated Water, Research, Amber Chunk
Pus Bio-Ooze, Research
Radioactive Honeycomb Uranium Ore
Red Honeycomb Red Beeswax
Shadow Gas Nitrogen, Essentia Obscura, Ancient Essence
Silk Honeycomb Bee Silk
Silver Honeycomb Silver Ore
Slime Slime Blob, Contaminated Water, Endomorphic Jelly
Solar Honeycomb Sulphur
Solarium Honeycomb Solarium Ore
Sulphuric Acid Sulphur, Contaminated Water, Carbon (C)
Swamp Water Algae, Water, Research
Titanium Honeycomb Titanium Ore
Tungsten Honeycomb Tungsten Ore
Violium Honeycomb Violium Ore
Volcanic Honeycomb Lava
Water Contaminated Water, Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen (H), Deuterium (2H)