"Industrial Furnace is a the second tier crafting station for smelting bars from ore and crafting consumable weapons.

This table can be upgraded from a Primitive Furnace and further upgraded to an Atomic Furnace which will unlock additional recipes and change its appearance." [1]

At the industrial furnace you can craft all of the base game recipesfor said crafting station and the tier 1 variant.

Along with these recipes the Industrial Furnace in FrackinUniverse also contains new recipes.

Recipes[edit | edit source]


Input Output
Carbon (2)

Lead (1)

Carbon Plate (1)
Lunari Shard (2) Lunari Crystal (1)
Neptunium (2) Neptunium Rod (1)
Plutonium Ore (2) Plutonium Rod (1)
Telebrium Crystal (2) Telebrium Bar (1)
Thorium (2) Thorium Rod (1)
Uranium Ore (2) Uranium Rod (1)
Zerchesium Ore (2) Zerchesium Bar (1)
Coal (10) Carbon (1)

References:[edit | edit source]

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