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An extremely useful compound.

Can be found via extraction (see list further below).

Can be acquired by putting Caliche Stone or Dry Sand in an Extraction Lab.

Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Money Caliche Stone
Radiation Shield I Red Slate
Radiation Shield II Dry Sand
Blister Extract Flesh Pile
Cell Material Marestone
Graphene Kelp
Methyl Iodide
Honeysilk Bandage
Hermes Pill
Mutavisk Bandage
Blood Serum Stim
Aquapod Bud
Nakati Ovoid
Cellpod Seed
Genesiberry Seed
Jilly Root Seed
Minkocoa Seed
Silverleaf Seed
Spongeweed Clump
Wubstem Seed
Beeflower Seed