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He is the best NPC in this mod.


Myulthor 'Kevin' Sanchatak is a Mantizi character who can be found at the Science Outpost.

Details and Appearances[]

Not much is known of who Kevin really is, he is part of a race called the Tolarks. There is a 95-page codex located in a bookshelf near the front of the Science Outpost that details each and every one of his "pranks", which include: pouring sulfuric acid on someone and hatching Ixoling eggs in the air vents. Everyone at the Science Outpost has been pranked by him, they all think he is a real asshole, and want him dead. Several NPCs at the Science Outpost comment on Kevin's nefarious deeds such as him "drooling all over their lab notes" or simply just wanting to avoid Kevin. One of them (A drug dealer) goes as far as to say "He is a space nazi, and deserves to be tortured and killed."

One of the few places he can be found and talked to within normal gameplay is the Science Outpost, where he also offers quests with mostly questionable awards (such as a dead animal or the briefcase o' bees, although granted this does also teach the player how to craft said item), as well as a few harmless and truly helpful ones (such as the assassin contract). Besides that, he is also strangely included in some seemingly random places, such as to the far right of the player's ship in the opening sequence. If interacted with, he will state, "I'm Kevin. Everyone here hates me. This pleases me."

Appearances include, but are not limited to:

  • Next to the waiting ship on the Protectorate intro mission, although a boundary break is necessary to interact with him.
  • Hidden in an inaccessible small out of bounds room in Delta Freya II, far under a cavern under a lake.
  • On the Apex mission "Infiltration", where he can be found in a locked room.
  • On Atropus planets, Kevin may appear and speak to the player, telling them, "Woooooooo, I'm totally not Kevin and just the voices of insanity telling you to shoot yourself in the abdomen. Do it." Additionally, he may also simply say "Greetings." or "Hi." to the player with no further dialogue. There are also other various lines he may tell to the player in an attempt to get them to kill themselves. It is unknown if he truly wants the player dead, or if it's just another one of his sick "pranks".
  • Kevin ball 2.png
    Kevin ball.png
    There is a very rare chance, that when playing Pong at the Science Outpost, it will be given the name "Kevin Ball" instead, and the ball replaced with his head.

    Another one of Kevin's various lines on Atropus worlds.



I edited it, simply because my cursor was blocking it, but this is ANOTHER Kevin line when on an Atropus world.