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The Lab Directory is a lab equipment crafted at the Matter Assembler, it allows players to see reactives and products of the Extraction Lab, Lab Centrifuge, Smelters, Sifters, Liquid Mixer and the Xeno Research Lab (As well as their upgrades). A small in-game wiki!

Results are color coded. Each category of lab equipment functions differently, so while you can't compare amounts between those, for a specific machine, Red means you'll get few outputs from processing the input(s), Orange a bit more, Yellow even more, and dark green are generally good results, and green is very good. (intermediate colors exist in some cases)

Also note that when searching by output, inputs are color codded according to output amounts. When searching by input, its outputs are color coded according to output amounts.

Unlocked by: Matter Assembler


Recipe[edit | edit source]

Matter Assembler (Lab Directory x1)[edit | edit source]

List of searchable items[edit | edit source]

Data[edit | edit source]

itemName: fu_craftinfo

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