A block of lead.

(Can be found by mining on all planets) <incorrect, with greater chances of finding it the deeper you go. All ore detectors will scan for it; it shows up as grey.

Can be found via extraction, centrifusion, and sifting (see table below).

Left behind in the walls after killing a Lead Burrower. Potential drops as loot from Flesh Reaper, Star Spawn of Cthulhu, Fatal Circuit, and Zombot.

Is a smelting byproduct (with both the Blast Furnace and Arc Smelter) of the following items: Iron Ore, Cobblestone, Uranium Ore, Plutonium Ore, Thorium Ore.

The first time picking up lead, your S.A.I.L. gives you the following radio message: "Lead has a variety of uses but is also toxic to carbon-based life so be sure to handle it with care. If a friend says lead-juice is tasty, they are a liar. Avoid them."

Can be purchased via the Ansible Network for 60 pixels. Is also potential stock for NPC ore merchants and trading space stations.

Is food for robotic Farm Beasts with a food value of 22.

Produced by the Atmospheric Condenser on Chromatic and Tar Ball planets.

Extraction Edit

When used as input for extraction, this item has the following yields.

Extracter Input Output
Extraction Lab Lead




Extraction Lab MKII Lead




Quantum Extractor Lead




Centrifuged From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Sifted From
Thorium Rod Advanced Alloy Iron Striker Research* Bonemeal
Uranium Rod Carbon Plate Tungsten Striker Crystal Sand
Dense Alloy Dirt
Iron Striker Dry Sand
Irradium Burstgun Glass Sand
Mechanics' Wrench Gravel
Neptunium Rod (Np) Moondust
Nuclear Core Proto Gravel
Plutonium Rod Rainbow Sand
Thorium Rod Red Sand
Tritanium Bar Sand
Tungsten Block Steel Sand Block
Tungsten Striker Sulphuric Dirt
Uranium Mace
Uranium Rod
  • To extract lead from Research, you would have to use an ITD system because as soon as you click on Research it works as currency, not an item.

Crafting Edit

Lead is used in these recipes:

Iron Striker

Tungstun Striker


  • Feb. 7, 2018: Now teaches Iron and Tungsten Strikers