Description: An assembly line for proccessing raw materials into finished products.

Requires 40W power.

Colony Tags: Machines

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafted at the Power Station. Learn from 1000J 4W Battery Unit.

Output: 1 Manufacturing Station.

How to use[edit | edit source]

The prototype slot is where you place 1 or more of the item you want to make, number is irrelevant as the station only makes 1 crafting instance per second or so. The materials slots are for putting all the required materials for said prototype.

A crafting instance is my term for crafting an item a single time. Some recipes yield multiple product per instance (copper wire yields 9 wire per crafting instance). If you wish to craft an item that requires pixels, research, or essence you will need a Money Transference Device (crafted at the Electronics Center) to transfer said currency directly from a source such as an extraction lab. Once you manually collect raw currency it becomes unusable to the manufacturing station.

The station will automatically operate as long as there is sufficient material in the materials slots and a valid item in the prototype slot unless:

  • A) There is not enough power
  • B) You have a connected switch turning it off
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