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The Mining Laser is an alternative mining tool available to be crafted in the Tinkering Table. The Mining Laser has multiple tiered upgrades, which can be upgraded at the Tool Upgrade Table, increasing the Mining Laser's mining speed and area.

Unlike conventional mining tools, the Mining Laser does not mine in a selected area, but instead rapidly fires projectiles in order to damage tiles. This results in lower precision. This is offset however by the increased power and the ability to dual-wield them for even greater effectiveness.

Upgrading the final form of the mining laser (CT-4 Miner) will not increase its stats despite the Tool Upgrade Table allowing you to upgrade it.

Name Tier Speed Area Cost (Total)



Mining Laser

1 1 4 N/A

P-7 Miner

2 2 4 3

A-7C Miner 

3 3 6 6 (9)

B-97 Miner 

4 4 6 9 (18)

C-7 Miner

5 8 6 12 (30)

D4-B Miner

6 10 6 15 (45)

KX-1 Miner

7 15 8 18 (63)

CT-4 Miner

8 - 20

21 - ? 8 21 (84)


Once crafted the Mining Laser can be upgraded to the next type of laser at the Tool Upgrade Table. Each upgrade adds a small boost to mining speed, area, and length of beam.

Unlocked by: Tinkering Table