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Mountainous worlds contain common resources found on many other types of worlds. They are, not surprisingly, peaked and rich in stone and rock. They are also home to several interesting sub-biomes such as mountain healing springs. By most standards, these worlds are not much harsher than forests and jungles. They are notably the best source of valuable Zerchesium Ore.

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While they contain few real threats, they may be dangerous to new players, and traversing them without a grappling hook and/or pulse jump can be tedious.

Note : They can be found on Red, Blue and Frozen Stars.

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While it is probably fairly obvious by the name, these worlds are rather bumpy and mountainy. They are rich in resources and quite difficult to explore without climbing gear.

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Rain, Storms, Snow, Lightning Storms, Luminous Rain, Drizzle, Acid Rain, High Mass Event.