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Nitrogen Seas are essentially what they sound like. Cold, icy worlds with a massive ocean buried beneath a solid layer of ice. An ocean made of liquid nitrogen. They have an unbreathable atmosphere (probably pure nitrogen gas), so you'll want oxygen on your person as well as some sort of way to protect against the frigid air.

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Doesn't this sound like a fun place to swim? Yeah, it really isn't. Some handy liquid there, though.

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You can find on these worlds Plaegis Nodule, Coral and Coral Fragments.

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These extremely cold worlds are similar to Ocean planets, except they are very icy and their oceans are Liquid Nitrogen. A Heating EPP 2 is needed to explore these worlds, or a Cold Shield 2 augment. If you need liquid nitrogen, these worlds are where you'd find it, or a Strange Sea world that has it.

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Oceans of liquid nitrogen.

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Freeze Storms, Lesser Freeze Storms, Minor Freeze Storms, Snow, Blizzards.